Couple of African Dancers, Abstract Silhouettes

Set of 2 canvas prints

The canvas prints forming the set can also be ordered separately.

Set: Couple of African Dancers, Abstract Silhouettes

Choose the set's colour

Version: original
Version: red
Version: yellow
Version: green
Version: blue
Version: purple
Version: black-white
Version: sepia

Choose the size of the canvas prints

C1 20/20cm
C2 20/20cm

C1 30/30cm
C2 30/30cm

C1 40/40cm
C2 40/40cm

C1 50/50cm
C2 50/50cm

C1 60/60cm
C2 60/60cm

C1 70/70cm
C2 70/70cm

C1 80/80cm
C2 80/80cm

C1 90/90cm
C2 90/90cm

C1 100/100cm
C2 100/100cm


Price VAT included, excluding Postage.

Overall width: 200 cm

2 canvas prints: 100/100cm + 100/100cm

The set's canvas prints

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