How to choose a canvas print?

How to choose a canvas print?

Decorative canvas prints give style and elegance to your interior and make special gifts for your loved ones.
With the help of canvas prints, you can give personality to your home, office, business location or any space that you want to decorate with good taste.

Choosing decorative canvas prints will make you use your imagination and discover your artistic side.

We offer a wide range of images with different themes and styles, so that you can find a beautiful decor for any space, at a great price.

In order to choose the right canvas print, several aspects must be taken into account, such as: the style of the space you are decorating, the message or state you want the canvas print to convey, the size of the wall to be decorated and most importantly personal intuition and taste.

Depending on the aspects mentioned above, you can choose the right canvas print by simply answering a few questions:

  • What kind of image would best suit the space to decorate, what message would I like to convey? The answer can be found among the categories on the site, and it might be: an abstract canvas print or a vintage one, a canvas print with a Zen theme, maybe a soothing landscape, or the reproduction of a painting for a classic note, a floral canvas print or one with animals or fantastic themes, or why not a beautiful and famous place, the choice is yours!
  • What style and colours should the image have? You can search for images by colour, so that they match the space to be decorated. You might want a colourful canvas print or a black and white or sepia one for a classic or retro note.
  • After answering the above questions you can browse the categories on the site and find the ideal image.
  • You should then choose the right size depending on the space where you want to display the canvas print.
  • You can also opt for the multi-canvas version. The canvas prints made up of several panels stand out and they give a modern and personal note to the space.

Below are some suggestions that might help you:

If you prefer the classical style, you can choose from an impressive number of reproductions of paintings that, displayed in the form of volumetric prints, make an interesting combination between the classicism of the image and the modern presentation.

The vintage style is and always will be fashionable. If a vintage theme or presentation would be suitable for your space, be assured that choosing a canvas print from the Retro category is the most beautiful gift for your home or office.

If you are a fan of modern style, there is a variety of models you can choose from, that will radically change the room you want to decorate. You can choose contemporary-style canvas prints that feature abstract patterns or images with urban or nature landscapes.

Families with pets or animal lovers prefer to display canvas prints featuring their furry friends.

Landscape pictures look great on canvas. Nature and travel enthusiasts will be delighted to have a mountain landscape, a calm beach or a swirling waterfall in their living room.

Flowers and other decorative plants embellish the aspect of a room and give it a colourful and playful touch.

If you are looking to bring life into a sober or dark room, then you should choose a canvas print with vivid colours, depicting for example a spring landscape or a bouquet of flowers.

If the chosen canvas print is intended as a gift, you should be aware of the preferences and personal taste of the person to whom you offer it, but also of the decor of their home. You can thus offer canvas prints depicting either the recipient's hobbies or a beautiful landscape or a Feng Shui theme. You simply can’t go wrong with a landscape or a floral print.

So the answer to the question “How to choose a canvas print?” is, as we have seen above, more complex than it seems at first sight. But, the most important factors to consider when choosing such a decorative object are: the overall setting of the room, meaning furniture and decor, which are important for maintaining the consistency of interior design, but also the type of space to be decorated and your preferences, passions and personal taste.