What is a canvas print?

What is a canvas print?

Canvas prints are decorative art objects made up of one or more panels. The production process consists of a few steps:
The first step is printing a very high resolution image on canvas using a high performance printer. The image can be either chosen from the site or provided by the customer.
Canvas is a strong and durable textile material, similar to that used by painters. The canvas absorbs more ink compared to other printing media, such as paper. Due to the superior ink absorption, the prints on canvas offer a special look, high fidelity and profound colours.
The texture of canvas gives canvas prints a look somewhat reminiscent of paintings on canvas.

The second step is stretching the canvas printed with the chosen image over a wooden frame, so that the canvas print can be hanged on a wall. For that purpose, at the end, the canvas print is mounted with hangers.
The chassis over which the canvas is stretched is visible neither from the front nor from the side, as it is covered by the printed image. As the the image continues on the sides of the panels, the canvas prints have a volumetric appearance.
Canvas prints are normally displayed without a frontal frame, but they can optionally be framed.

Canvas prints appeared as a combination between traditional painting and modern digital art. Thus, nowadays any photo or image can be transformed into a canvas print to always be enjoyed or to be offered as a gift to a loved one.

Canvas prints are ideal for decorating your interior in a personal and interesting manner. You will surely find, out of the multitude of images we offer, enough options to get any effect you want.
In modern decor, it is quite common to combine, in the same setting (home/room/space), prints on canvas and classic paintings. Canvas prints create new points of focus and balance that give life to the room you decorate.

When you don’t know what gift to choose for a family member or friend, a canvas print is the best option. It will represent both a decorative object and a treasured memory for the person you offer it to, that will bring them joy and happiness every day.

Personal art can be made very easily with the help of a photo camera. The photos can be then turned into real works of art on canvas with the help of technology. A high quality print and a perfect assembly give you the opportunity to own a decorative object with a high sentimental value at an affordable price.

Frequently asked questions about canvas prints

  • How much does a canvas print cost?

    The price of a canvas print depends mostly on the size of the print. This price may also be influenced by discounts, promotions and customizations. Please note that the shipping cost should be added to the final price.

  • Can I order a custom canvas print using with my own photos?

    Of course. Beside our generous collection divided into categories, we offer you the possibility of transforming your own photos into canvas prints. All you need to do is send us your photo, along with details such as size, number of panels, type, and other specifications, and we will take care of the rest.Your custom canvas print will be hanging on a wall in your home in no time.

  • Is it difficult to hang a canvas print?

    Positioning a canvas print at the chosen place is not a hard thing at all.
    The canvas prints we deliver are stretched on wooden frames and mounted with hangers, so you just have to choose where to display them.

  • Will the canvas print lose its quality over time?

    The high-quality, UV-resistant inks we use are designed to stand the test of time, but in order to keep the colours vivid for as long as possible, you should avoid exposing the canvas print to direct sunlight.

To conclude, a canvas print is a special decorative piece of art, which enriches visually and aesthetically any room in a house, commercial or office space, creating an impressive design effect. Canvas prints not only liven up a space, but are a great alternative to classic paintings and represent an artistic way to decorate any room.