Canvas Print: Young Woman on a Stairway to the Moon

canvas print, abstract-fantasy, beige, blue, dresses, fashion, moon, silhouettes, smoke, white, women

The Canvas Print, Young Woman on a Stairway to the Moon, is available multicanvas in 1, 2, 3 panels; in different sizes. The canvas print can be changed using the following options.

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Version: sepia

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3 panels canvas print

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Canvas print size: 60/90cm

Product Code: 210-21

A picture of a great beauty, that you never get tired of admiring.
The royal blue of the translucent dress, the full moon, the feminine delicacy of the beautiful blonde caressed by the moon's rays - together making a unique landscape.
It's like a sequence from Cinderella, that urges you to improve your creativity, dreaming, imagination and fantasy. Choose this canvas to create a charming atmosphere in your room.
Canvas prints with: abstract-fantasy , beige , blue , dresses , fashion , moon , silhouettes , smoke , white , women

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