Canvas Print: Everest Peak in the Himalayas

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The Canvas Print, Everest Peak in the Himalayas, is available multicanvas in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 panels; in the color versions: original, black-white, sepia; in different sizes. The canvas print can be changed using the following options.

Choose canvas print colour

Version: original
Version: black-white
Version: sepia

Choose canvas print configuration

1 panel canvas print
2 panels canvas print
3 panels canvas print
3 panels canvas print
4 panels canvas print
4 panels canvas print
4 panels canvas print
5 panels canvas print
5 panels canvas print

Choose canvas print size


Price VAT included, excluding Postage.

Canvas print size: 90/60cm

Product Code: 5-21

A static decorative canvas print in shades of white, blue and turquoise, depicting the peak of Everest in the Himalayas. The highest mountains in the world, unshaken in the blue sky.
And yet the active element exists in this wall decoration, represented by clouds floating over the Himalayas or descending easily among them, at their will.
Canvas prints with: black , blue , brown , cliffs , clouds , cyan , everest , gray , green , himalaya , lakes , landscapes , mountains , nepal , sky , snow , white

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