Canvas Print: Northern Lights over Scandinavia

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The Canvas Print, Northern Lights over Scandinavia, is available multicanvas in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 panels; in the color versions: original, black-white, sepia; in different sizes. The canvas print can be changed using the following options.

Choose canvas print colour

Version: original
Version: black-white
Version: sepia

Choose canvas print configuration

1 panel canvas print
2 panels canvas print
3 panels canvas print
3 panels canvas print
4 panels canvas print
4 panels canvas print
5 panels canvas print
5 panels canvas print

Choose canvas print size


Price VAT included, excluding Postage.

Canvas print size: 90/60cm

Product Code: 88-21

Maybe you will never get to enjoy the phenomenon of a live aurora borealis, and you would certainly want to have such a landscape in front of your eyes, right in your home.
With eDeko, this has never been easier! Choose this canvas print and let yourself be surprised by the dynamic colours of Scandinavia.

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